Hop in This 992 Turbo S for an Effortless 206-MPH Run on the Autobahn

No fuss, no special starting procedures, and no extra keys. This car makes outrageous performance easy to access.

I’m not a fan of hyperbole, but I think it’s safe to say this and still retain some objectivity as a journalist: there is no car which gets to 206 miles per hour more easily than the 992 Turbo S. The way it delivers its 650 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque effortlessly really has to be seen; statistics don’t do it justice.

Clawing into a stretch of flat road on an unregulated strip of the Autobahn like a stubborn cat clamping to a piece of carpet, the Turbo S doesn’t show any signs of slippage. The blitz to 100 km/h is ludicrous, and the relentless push through to 206 miles per hour is frightening. Small specks on the horizon rapidly grow into busses, and the verdant ribbons of the passing scenery blur and begin to look like that laser show at the planetarium. There is a minor worry at 2:49 when the display mentions an error with the spoiler, but the car continues straight and true.

Once the triple-digit romp is over, we get to see how the 992 Turbo 2 handles long bends. At 3,650 pounds, it’s undoubtedly a heavy car, but like the way it leaves the line without fuss, it delivers its power out of corners without any writhing of the wheel or spinning tires. Few cars inspire confidence and blend speed with comfort as effortlessly as this car.

A coat of Racing Yellow helps drivers in the slow lane notice its arrival.

This amount of effortlessly attained speed raises a question: should this amount of performance be sold to the public? Until recently, a 200-mph tag pinned on a sports car implied danger and a chance of carnage and immolation. Now, that isn’t the case. A breathed-on M4 can break the 200-mph barrier, but a Porsche does it with great style, security, and understatement. Can the average well-heeled Joe manage a car like that at triple digit speeds?

You bet.

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