Cavatelli di Carruba

Monodose Recipe

Cavatelli di Carruba

Serves 1 as main course

Cavatelli Dough:
20 gr Carruba
100 gr 00 Flour
30 gr Whole Egg

Cavatelli Sauce:
30 gr Red Shrimp
50 gr Octopus
50 gr Squid
30 gr Clams
20 gr Sea Urchin
10 gr Lime Finger
100 gr Fish Stock
5 gr Salt

    1. First we mix all the ingredients to make the carrubba dough.
    2. Once the dough is ready, we cut it into small pieces and pass in the cavatelli’s machine.
    3. Once the cavatelli are ready we drop it into boiling water and we boil it for 4 minutes.
    4. In a hot pan put together the clams, octopus, sea curls, squid, red shrimp, to make a sauce.
    5. We skip everything, mix it well and we are ready for plating, finishing it with finger lime and caruba powder.


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